What’s online tutoring?

Online tutoring is a format where a student receives private lessons from a teacher over the internet via video conferencing.

Essentially, online tutoring involves a teacher and a student connecting over the internet via video chat. Both parties can see each other and speak with one another using microphones. The teacher will often share presentations, documents, and videos to help visualize concepts being taught. The teacher can also use a whiteboard to draw diagrams or write definitions while the student watches.

Because everything is done over a computer or mobile device, anyone can take advantage of this convenient form of teaching. Students don’t need to travel anywhere but instead can complete their studies in the comfort of their own home (or wherever they happen to be).

Tutors use technology to help their students learn, and help them with extra studying and practice for tests, quizzes and other assignments.

In an online tutoring session, students can practice their skills with the tutor and ask questions. A tutor will help you with assignments, studying for a test, understanding concepts and more. Sessions are like office hours but with a personal tutor.

The platform provides the tools needed for this format – video conferencing, documents to share and a whiteboard.

When you’re thinking about learning a new language, in-person immersion is one end of the spectrum. With online tutoring, you have another.

The platform provides the tools needed for this format – video conferencing, documents to share and a whiteboard. The video allows students to see their teacher and ask them questions face-to-face. The whiteboard can be used by both the student and the teacher to write down key concepts for easy reference. It’s a great way for students to visualize grammar points or learn new vocabulary in context. The shared document section is where materials are stored, including lesson plans and worksheets that your teacher creates specifically for you or classes you take with other learners of your level.

This format gives students access to teachers from all over the world while sitting on their couch at home (or at work when they should really be doing something else). Teachers can teach from anywhere themselves – as long as there’s decent internet!