5 Technology-Related STEM Career Options

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Students in secondary and high school are in such a beautiful stage of their life. Beyond the school grounds, there is a world of opportunity and progress waiting for them. They get to choose their own career path and choose their own future, but with tremendous power comes great responsibility. For many of us, success […]

Scratch: Coding for People of All Ages


Scratch is a visual programming language created in 2007 by the MIT Media Lab. Its colorful blocks and drag-and-drop interface make it one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Unlike traditional programming languages such as Python, which requires the coder to write out the code, Scratch allows both children and adults to effortlessly develop […]

5 Easy Steps To Breaking Into The Tech Industry


You’re not alone if you’ve been exploring a career move and have been fascinated by the tech world. It’s a booming industry with a fantastic salary, perks, and a fast-growing landscape that you can surely get a piece of. But, before you shake your head and conclude, I still need help figuring out my Apple […]

Using 10 Fast Fingers to Assist and Develop Your Typing Speed


10 Fast Fingers is a website where students may test and improve their typing speed by playing a variety of fun typing games. Fluency in typing or keyboarding has become a crucial ability for 21st-century students. In today’s knowledge economy, it’s not just about learning to type; it’s also about learning to type quickly. From […]

5 Engaging Games to Aid Students in Learning About Cultures Around the World

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Google Arts & Culture provides a wealth of educational tools to assist students learn about the world’s cultural diversity outside of the classroom. In this post, let’s focus on one method to improve children’s cultural literacy in educational technology: getting cultured through game-based learning. Google Arts & Culture features a games section where students may […]

Why is Exercise Important for Brain Development


It’s difficult to find someone who believes that exercise isn’t beneficial. Many people dislike exercise, but if we truly realized how beneficial it is to the body and mind, we might appreciate it a bit more. There’s a lot more to biology than what we learn in school. It’s about comprehending HOW our bodies work […]

Tips for Studying: Make a Revision Schedule


Revision is defined as ‘reading again’ in the Collins English dictionary. Students revise by reading material over and over again and taking notes in order to prepare for a test. It’s a good idea to go over your exam content a few times to make sure you understand it, but have you made sure you’ve […]

5 Benefits of Summer Courses

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Our students work hard all year, so summer classes may be the last thing on their minds during the summer holiday. Summer classes offer a slew of benefits to students who choose to participate, even if they aren’t the thing that gets them leaping up and down with joy. Summer courses are especially beneficial for […]

What is STEM Education? And Why is it Important?

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An interdisciplinary and applied approach is used in STEM curricula to educate students in four distinct subjects – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM blends the four disciplines into a holistic learning paradigm focused on real-world applications, rather than teaching them as separate and independent subjects. Traditional science and math education and STEM education differ […]

Three Useful Tips for Remote Learning

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Frustrated parents, underserved students, and digital disruption can all contribute to a bleak picture. The world is witnessing something unprecedented in generations. While Hong Kong has dealt with just a number of epidemics in the past. Back then, technology wasn’t as prevalent, and the virus was quickly contained locally, allowing schools to make up for […]