5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Tutor


The decision of where to enroll their children in school is a challenging one for many foreign parents who arrive in Hong Kong. Everyone in the family is affected by the move, and new adjustments must be made. Many of these adjustments include acclimating to new schools, curriculums, languages, and friends, among other things.

It takes time for students and their parents to adjust to all of the changes. Tutors can assist students who require a little additional assistance. We’ll go over the five in this blog. The most common methods a tutor can assist new students in Hong Kong with their transition.


New Language

The grade of education in Hong Kong public schools is excellent, and parents can expect their children to receive a high-quality education, which is primarily taught in Cantonese. While Hong Kong is very proud of this, it can be scary for students who are unfamiliar with the native language.

Students who do not speak Cantonese fluently will be at a significant disadvantage and will require further assistance in order to improve their language abilities and realize their full potential. We provide a bridge system to many expat families to help ease their child’s transfer into the Hong Kong educational system.


Different Learning Style

Moving to a new nation is exciting, but it can also be frightening, especially for new students in a new school. Although the standard in Hong Kong schools is exceptionally good, the teaching methods may differ from what the youngster is used to.

New students may find learning styles, applications, and approaches unfamiliar, necessitating the use of a bridging system. It is critical to guide pupils through a foreign system so that they feel comfortable and confident in expressing themselves and adapting to their new surroundings.


Differences in Curriculums

When children move to a new nation, they must adjust to not only new learning styles, new classmates, and occasionally a new language, but also to an entirely new curriculum. Others do not focus on what some systems do, and vice versa. For children, this might be perplexing, especially when new subjects are presented while others are dropped. Lessons in national history may alter, and exam results may be calculated differently. All of these changes may cause foreign children to feel behind in certain aspects of their new curriculum. Using a private or group tutor to assist pupils to catch up is a fantastic option.


Staying Ahead of the Competition

Hong Kong schools are known for being among the world’s most competitive. Students are held to extremely high standards, and this can put a lot of strain on them. Students frequently hire private tutors to help them with their schoolwork and keep on top of their responsibilities. Our summer and end-of-year revision courses are perfect for helping students improve their work and prepare for the upcoming school year so they never feel overwhelmed or ‘behind the curve.’


Maintaining a Mother Tongue

In some cases, a tutor can be hired to ensure that pupils not only make a smooth transition to a new system but also keep a link to their mother tongue. A student from Beijing, for example, might join us. When a child is placed in a school where the majority of the students speak Cantonese, he or she will require aid in adjusting. Parents may also wish to guarantee that their child maintains their Mandarin skills by hiring a tutor.


Why Hong Kong Coding Club?

Hong Kong Coding Club has earned a reputation in Hong Kong’s educational system as one of the leading institutions for supporting new students with their transitions. We’ve become synonymous with helping new students gain confidence, improve their performance, and overcome their worries. Our purpose is to assist our students in realizing their full potential without being hampered by a move or new circumstances. Following their shift, we want to help them achieve their long-term objectives.